M2M Marketing & Sales

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Specialist in high-tech, IT and mobile telecom

M2M helps new entrants to the market by making the implementation run successfully. Companies who are in the next phase after start-up or want to develop new markets in Northern Europe, benefit from the expertise of M2M.  With the goal to bring (unique) products and services to market and/or realize growth and expansion. M2M is also specialized in development of distribution partners, from resellers and distributors, to more complex partners like system integrators and (mobile) operators.  Like a spider in the web M2M manages all involved parties and takes care that these strengthen eachother.

With more than 25 years of experience in projects for international hightech, IT and (mobile) telecom companies M2M can justly be called an experienced specialist. This experience is demonstrated by broad and deep knowledge of the industry, recognizing of opportunities and successfully marketing products and services in this sector. In what phase is your company and where can M2M bring you?   Make a free appoinment, so we can look at the possibilities together.

Step into the world of M2M and look at some successful projects!