M2M Marketing & Sales

M2M Marketing & Sales

marja websiteThe differentiating power of M2M: Marja v.d. Kruk

Marja van der Kruk, founder and driving force behind  M2M Marketing & Sales, is a flexible professional with an open view and a broad horizon on the telecom market. She excels in multiple disciplines, but also knows like no other how to recognize and deploy the qualities of others.  As ideal match in the next phase after start-up or entry to new markets, she knows how to pave the way efficiently towards the goal of the client.

With more than 25 years of experience Marja does not require any time to work into the job and gets to work immediately. Out-of-the-box thinking is the basis for the definition of strategy and an optimal cooperation is key to the joint success. Her analytical empathy enables her to recognize talents and make teams self directing in order to reach goals together.

Marja enjoys self creative thinking.She does not walk the beaten track, but paves the way herself. New business development fits her like a glove. She is open to new developments in the market and recognized unique market opportunities in a glance. With powerful sales and marketing messages she knows how to appeal the right target group in a clear and catchy way. Communication with your market and media relations can be left in her capable hands just the same.

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