M2M Marketing & Sales


Realise growth and development

Your aim is to bring a product or service to market successfully. Your organisation is in the next phase after start-up or you want to develop new markets in Northern Europe. You want to achieve growth or expansion. But what is the right approach? Do you have the means and the expertise? Or the experience in the various disciplines that are required for this approach? 

marketing-sales-groeienWhat you need is one experienced person that covers multiple disciplines and is equiped with a flexible, hands-on mentality. A professional that knows exactly which skills are needed, to achieve your goals.  A party that recognized unique market positions and knows how to address them.

Welcome to M2M Marketing & Sales.

M2M evaluates which steps are required to be taken in order to achieve your goals. M2M will analyse the target groups, needs, market players, market dynamics and your unique product offering.  On-the-job, with a focus on the result.

Personal and result driven

Each organisation and market situation and position is unique. This is why M2M will never use the same working methods, but will focus and consider what is needed and put the necessary means in place to achieve growth successfully. Depending of the goals of your company M2M will fulfil one or a combination of the following disciplines:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Business Development
  • PR
  • Training & Education
  • Partner management

Helicopter view on the goals

M2M stands for cooperation and fun-on-the-job. By connecting and making teams selfdirecting and making maximus use of the qualities of people, goals are achieved faster. Where neede, M2M will use a large and reliable network. M2M will continuously keep the helicopter view, will manage and monitor the process and deadlines and will adjust where needed. With your success as the result.